Rosemarie L. Coste
Research Interests


Ph.D., English, 2009
Texas A&M University
Dissertation:"Hypertextual Ultrastructures: Movement and Containment in Texts and Hypertexts"
Supervisor: M. Jimmie Killingsworth

M.A., English, 1998
The University of Texas at San Antonio

B.S., Computing and Information Sciences, 1981
Trinity University

Research Interests

  • cybercultural studies, humanities computing, digital humanies, textual studies, scientific and technical communication, discourse studies
  • history of technology, alphabets, nomenclatures, encoding methods, artificial languages, software
  • illustration, visualization, captioning, tagging, markup
  • electronic publication, human-computer interfaces, digitization, resistance to digitization, post-digitization processes
  • collaborative authorship, community newspapers, non-territorial communities, translation, censorship, publication as resistance
  • short fiction, short poetry, ancient poetry, early science fiction
  • newspapers in literature, science in literature, religion in literature
  • 19th-century U.S. literature, African American literature, Jewish literature, oral tradition, repetition with variation

Current Employment

October 2010 - March 2016
Technical Writer
Technical communications supporting Business English education.

  • creation and maintenance of documentation for Customer Success

January 1998 - present
Freelance Writer and Webmaster
Client list includes Kinetic Concepts, IBC Bank, Elsom Research, Leo Baeck Temple, Global Java, Fine Landscaping, and other small businesses and individuals.

  • technical writing: user guides, online help, support procedures, disaster recovery plans
  • document design, graphics design
  • editing technical documents, scholarly articles, academic projects, business communication
  • regulatory and legal documents
  • business proposals, client presentations, brochures, packaging, labeling, usage instructions, warning inserts, advertising, and other customer-contact material
  • website creation and maintenance, electronic publishing
  • e-commerce setup and support
  • onsite and remote technical support
  • instruction, tutoring, coaching

Previous Employment

October 2010 - March 2016
Technical Writer, Senior Technical Writer,
Manager Technical Communications,
Senior Information Developer

    Rackspace Hosting
Technical communications supporting hosting services.

  • creation and maintenance of Application Programming Interface (API) documentation for Rackspace Cloud services
  • development of standards, styles, and best practices
  • editing proposals, presentations, and other technical documents supporting Software Architects and Software Developers
  • development of departmental knowledgebase
  • development and coordination of the writing team

March 2010 - October 2010
Contract Technical Writer
Two placements at Rackspace Hosting.

  • in Rackspace Enterprise Services: development of departmental knowledge base, including logical network diagrams and network security configurations, for Network Security Engineers, Account Managers, and Systems Administrators
  • in Racker Technical Services: project leadership, document design, data management, and analysis of results for survey of internal users

January 2007 - June 2007
Technical Project Coordinator
    TEFTEC Corporation
Leadership of short-term project to design and develop FDA-compliant documentation supporting medical device manufacturing.

  • manufacturing work instructions
  • user manuals
  • service manual
  • parts manual

May 2005 - November 2006
Technical Writer
    BioNumerik Pharmaceuticals, Inc. — Information Systems and Technologies Department
Technical communications supporting pharmaceutical development.

  • design and development of FDA-compliant documentation to support clinical trials management software
  • online help, single-sourced for printable user manuals
  • training material: course designs, presentations, handouts, evaluation forms
  • software requirements
  • validation plans and reports, implementation plans and reports
  • project plans
  • standard operating procedures
  • business presentations

August 2001 - May 2005
    Our Lady of the Lake University — Department of English
Teaching undergraduate students.

  • "Composition I" in computer classrooms
  • "Composition II" in computer classrooms
  • "Honors Composition II" in a computer classroom with focus on sociolinguistics
  • "Introduction to Poetry and Drama" with online course management
  • "Introduction to Fiction" with online course management and focus on African American literature
  • "Technical and Professional Writing" in a computer classroom as a service-learning course

August 2001 - May 2004
    Temple Beth-El — Religious School
Teaching elementary students and supporting departmental publishing projects.

  • teaching Hebrew and Judaica classes for elementary students
  • management of school website

January 2002 - August 2003
Programmer Analyst II
    Texas A&M University — Department of English
Development and maintenance of software and publications.

  • maintenance of departmental websites
  • development of database application
  • production of bi-weekly online newsletter

August 1998 - December 2001
Graduate Assistant
    Texas A&M University — Department of English
Teaching undergraduate students and supporting departmental publishing projects.

  • "Technical Writing" as a distance course
  • "Scientific and Technical Writing" in a conventional classroom with supplemental website
  • "Rhetoric and Composition" in conventional and computer classrooms with supplemental website
  • supporting new Graduate Assistants in their creation of personal and course-related websites
  • preparing the annual departmental report (Harrison Meserole Editorial Assistantship)
  • design and construction of website supplemental to discourse studies book (Reinventing Identities)
  • maintenance of organizational website (South Central Modern Language Association)

June 1982 - February 1998
Systems Programmer (III, II, I), Senior Systems Programmer,
Staff Systems Programmer,
Staff Information Technology Planner

    USAA Information Technology Company — Computer Center
Technical support, systems management, and project management in high-availability financial-services data center.

  • installation, testing, maintenance, and support of mainframe and midrange operating systems and utilities
  • creation and maintenance of procedures and documentation
  • leadership of task groups and project teams
  • development and presentation of technical training, status reports, project plans, management proposals
  • leadership of meetings and workshops
  • development, documentation, and testing of methodologies for system maintenance and disaster recovery methods
  • coordination between technical staff and internal and external business partners
  • selection, implementation, and support of technology to support online procedures, intelligent printers, voice response, automated operations, continuous availability, massive parallelization

December 1981 - June 1982
Systems Programmer
    Santa Rosa Medical Center — Data Center
Technical support and utility software maintenance in hospital data center.

May 1981 - December 1981
Assembly Language Programmer
    Software Consulting Service
Utility software development for financial-services software vendor.

May 1979 - May 1981
Programmer, User Consultant
    Trinity University — Computer Center
Application programming and helpdesk support for faculty and business clients in university data center.


  • 2005-present, Journal of Topical Formulations. General editor and features writer.
  • 2005, with Elishalom Yechiel, "From Ancient Potions To Modern Lotions: A Technology Overview and Introduction to Topical Delivery Systems." Delivery System Handbook for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products: Technology, Applications and Formulations. Meyer. R. Rosen, ed. William Andrew Publishing.
  • 2003,"American Mercury." Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, Fitzroy Dearborn.
  • 2001, "Biculturalism." Encyclopedia of American Studies, Grolier.
  • 2001, "Suffragist Period."Encyclopedia of American Studies, Grolier.
  • 2000, "Fighting Speech With Speech: David Duke, the Anti-Defamation League, Online Bookstores, and Hate Filters." Proceedings of the 33rd Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences Volume 3, IEEE Computer Society.
  • 2000, "La Llorona y El Grito / The Ghost and The Scream: Noisy Women in Borderlands and Beyond."


  • October 2005, "It Takes One to Know One: Student Audience Analysis as a Curriculum Design Tool."
    South Central Modern Language Association, Houston TX
  • April 2002, "Violence, Temperance, and the Woman's Place in Poe's 'Hop-Frog'."
    Ohio Academy of History, Cincinatti OH
  • November 2001, "Queen Vashti: Figures of Royalty and Refusal in the Literature of Black Women‘s Resistance."
    South Central Modern Language Association, Tulsa OK
  • April 2001, "In time they shall come to possess the land, but not in my time": White Blood and Red Resistance in Jack London's "The God of His Fathers."
    The Ethnic Community in History : The Seventh Annual Multicultural Conference at San Antonio College, San Antonio TX
  • February 2001, "The work of my life is in ashes": the physican, the attorney, and the loyal servant in Chesnutt's The Marrow of Tradition and Dixon's The Traitor.
    Hate: The 11th Annual Mardi Gras Conference on Language and Literature at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge LA
  • October 2000, ""The Racial Movement is not a ‘boys club'...": White Racist Women Define Themselves Online."
    Performances of Identity: Interdisciplinary Conference on Language and Literature, College Station TX
  • March 2000, "'Or telle him why this song was in usage': Silencing the Prioress."
    Silence and Expression: Histories of Permission and Censorship, College Station TX
  • January 2000, "Fighting Speech With Speech: David Duke, the Anti-Defamation League, Online Bookstores, and Hate Filters."
    33rd Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences, Maui HI
  • December 1998, "'a man nobody wouldn't be ashamed of': Drinking and Temperance in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."
    Modern Language Association, San Francisco CA
  • August 1997, "Huckleberry Finn in a lonesome place: Adventures of a Child of an Alcoholic."
    State of Mark Twain Studies Conference, Elmira NY
  • August 1996, "Creating a Time Machine: A Y2K Testing System."
    SHARE Conference, Anaheim CA
  • July 1996, "Implementation of Highly Parallel Coupled Systems."
    IBM Top Gun Academy, Guest Instructor
  • October 1993, "Early Sysplex Implementation Experiences."
    IBM Enterprise Technical Update Seminars, Guest Instructor
  • November 1992, "Merging Forms and Data using XICS."
    XPLOR Conference, Orlando FL


  • 2003, Our Lady of the Lake University African American Read-In, Moderator
  • 2003, Temple Beth-El Adult Education Series, Presenter on Anti-Antisemitism
  • 2000, Texas A&M University Interdisciplinary Conference on Language and Literature, Document Designer
  • 2000, Texas A&M University Spokenword Week, Workshop Leader
  • 2000, HICSS 34 Persistent Conversation Mini-Track, Reviewer
  • 1999, Texas A&M University Rewriting Literacies Conference, Webmaster and Document Designer
  • 1998, University of Texas at San Antonio In Search of the Indo-Europeans Symposium, Webmaster and Volunteer


  • 2001, Center for Humanities Research Graduate Travel Award, Texas A&M University
  • 1998, Department of English Graduate Student Travel Grant, Texas A&M University
  • 1997, College of Fine Arts and Humanities Graduate Research Grant, The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • 1978-1981, National Merit Scholar, Trinity University

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