scribionics: writing, editing, illustration, design, support, instruction
writing + editing + illustration + design + support + instruction

(work in progress by Rosemarie L. Coste, Ph.D.)

Thank you for your interest in Scribionics, the company through which my consulting services are sometimes available. This might be one of those times; contact me, 'rose' at '', and we can talk about it.
If you are curious about my scholarly projects, please visit my hypertextual-ultrastructures site for a link to my dissertation and related material; my CV lists my publications, presentations, and research interests.

scribionics: writing, editing, illustration, design, support, instruction  = scribe + bionics

scribe is a professional writer, usually one who writes on behalf of others.

bio- describes anything alive. For example, although many of the readers and writers on the Web are artificial, I am alive; are you?

bionic describes a combination of the living and the electronic. A person whose natural abilities are augmented technologically might be bionic.

scribionic is an adjective coined by Elishalom Yechiel to describe me, a writer who uses the best-suited available technology to express human ideas and advance human communication. If you use computers to help you write, you might be scribionic, too!

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